Company History

Ray Plote began his career as a heavy machinery operator, but he knew from the very beginning that he wanted something more. Ray started a small excavating company with just three employees, while working at another machine company during the day just to make his own payroll. At that time it was simple work – clearing fence rows for farmers and demolishing barns and buildings.

Four years later in 1964, Ray and Jan Plote founded what is now known as Plote Construction Inc. Due to Ray and Jan’s work ethic and vision, today Plote Construction Inc. is an industry leader in heavy highway construction, excavation, aggregates, commercial contracting, real estate development, snow removal, asphalt and concrete production, and environmental contracting — both in the public and private sectors.

1964 – Ray and Jan Plote founded Plote Construction Inc.


1969 – Beverly Gravel is founded. Today this operation is a major aggregate supplier that operates three sand and gravel pits in the Chicagoland area. To learn more about Beverly Gravel, please visit their website at


1976 – Plote Construction acquires Higgins Asphalt Company with a plant servicing the northwest suburbs. Higgins specializes in asphalt production and quality asphalt paving. Higgins becomes a leader in on time, quality asphalt paving.


1985 – Plote Construction acquires a percentage of Milburn Brothers Inc. a major concrete paving contractor in the Chicagoland area.


1989 – Plote Construction acquires Allied Asphalt Paving Company with three asphalt plants servicing the entire Chicagoland area and a pioneer in asphalt and material recycling. Allied Asphalt Company continues to be a leader in the asphalt production industry. To learn more about Allied Asphalt, please visit their website at


2005 – Ray and Jan’s son Dan, who has worked in various capacities throughout the company since childhood, is named President of Plote Construction Inc. Dan continues today as the leader of Plote Construction Inc.


2008 – With the second generation of leadership in place, Belvidere Materials, LLC is founded, a newly created limestone quarry established in Belvidere, IL. This operation is a part of Beverly Materials.  To learn more, please visit their website at


2013 – The third generation of the Plote family begins working with the family business.


2014 – Plote Construction Inc. celebrates 50 years of being in business in the Chicagoland area.


Today – Plote Construction Inc. is future oriented, combining the people, resources, and strategy to ensure a solid foundation for growth and sustainability for its employees and the company.

As Plote Construction Inc. celebrates their 55th year in business they are confident in the leadership and dedication in the organization to ensure success and customer satisfaction for many years to come.


Plote has the ability to combine their resources to produce and deliver their own materials enabling their customer to enjoy worry free, cost efficient, and on time projects. Plote Construction Inc. looks forward to the challenges and rewards that lay ahead in the coming years.